Let It Sink In EP

by Great Barrier

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released 01 July 2013

All songs written, performed, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jackson Firlik.

Thanks to Alan Watts for his inspiration on the last track.



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Great Barrier Miami, Florida

Great Barrier is the solo venture of Miami based indie artist Jackson Firlik.

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Track Name: Dreamweaver
You don't have to cut the rope
You know we're all just blowing smoke
But dreamweaver,
I'd breathe easier.

You don't have to hide your face
Everything is in its place
But dreamweaver,
I'd sleep deeper.
Track Name: Hard Edges
Spend your whole life
digging holes in the ground
do you feel something now?
what're you crying about?
You'll come around,
you'll see.
in everything
and hear me screaming over static sounds
White noise to drown us out.

Sometimes you have to bear
the hard edges
Pressed against your skin

Somebody slipped into the lake last night
Under a moonlit sky
Thought he was reaching for the brighter light
but surfaces reflect
hollow silhouettes
until theres nothing left
until theres nothing left

Sometimes you have to bear
the hard edges
pressed against your skin
you've got a lot of life to live
I've got a lot of guts to spill
You've got a lot of love to give.
Track Name: Wake
In my dreams I
climb to all the tops of
all of the worlds mountains
and I can see the earth is flat
and then I wake to
the sound of burning bridges
and I wonder if they'll fall soon
so I can fall back asleep

and it makes me sad to realize
none of this is real
but that doesn't mean that I don't like
the way it makes me feel

If I write down
all of my emotions
the paper will catch fire
and I'll have to start over again
and if I lay down
my eyes will not stay open
my thoughts will not stop flowing
so I am forced to stand

and I've grown tired of trying
to keep my body alive
when everything I need
is trapped inside my mind
hearts and lungs and ears and eyes will never
help you find
pieces of you you used to have
but then you left behind
when you were born
and you can't replace
till you die
Track Name: Let It Sink In
I could see it coming from a hundred miles away
Crawling on the road for nearly seven days straight
I was sitting back I figured that I could wait
being held in place.
I could hear it coming through the pounding waves
moving with the cover of the pouring rain
found an open field, started digging new graves
just for our regrets.

I could feel it coming from a mile away
Carried with the fury of a moving train
scattering the spirits that were gathering,
they were caught in suspense

Let it sink in.
Let it.

Couldn't let you go
my hands were on the rope
thought you ought to know
I couldn't let you go.

Let it sink in.
Let it sink in.
My body's cold,
my bones, they ache
couldn't let you go
I'll bear the weight.

Let it sink in.
Let it sink in.
Let it.
Track Name: Waves
like strangers entering your home
foreign thoughts in my own
mind is overthrown

what am I but waves of light?

blank eyes, silicon skin
wires coming from the holes in your head

like water filling your lungs,
all emotions at once.